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Big City Problems And The End Of The World The Abundant Life In A Perfect City I Don't Know Anyone Working On The Plans For A Smarter Way To Live In A Perfect City I Promised Jesus Christ That I Would Not Stop Discovering The Ways, Designs, Guidelines Rules and Laws Till We See Clearly a Better Choice we Can Make And Get ItA Superior Designed City That Does Not Cause Problems To The People W ho Live There

A Big Joint Venture Project and Movie?

This Is The Temporary Front Page Of Star Network TV

Ideas for Movie/Music Stars to make life safer and more enjoyable for everyone...

A Custom Hotel (A Meeting Place) With Helicopter Pads on the Roof

Exodus. Moses and his Brother Arron led 600,000 people on foot to another place on earth to escape Pharaoh because he was not being respectful to the construction workers. 

A better future starts by building a better place to live. People who know how to build things are needed first. Construction workers.

Boredom can not exist somewhere. 

Some people require a high end custom home environment to be happy. Protecting Quality Luxury Environments for the people who want it is very important.

I promise to be careful to guarantee a quality luxury environment for VIPs who require it.

I am the writer and I helped build millionaires and billionaires homes. I am very happy with luxury and not happy till I get it. ... Last Edit ... 8/4/2023 … 10:30 AM 

Originally this website was created so that the movie stars could build a safe place to go. 

A Sustainable Luxury Hotel or community With Farm Land Food Production Manufacturing ...