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 Ideas For Building That New City The Bible Talks About?

A Homeless Rescue Project Is Not Being Ignored

Less Info Coming Soon Easier To Understand

Affordable Sustainable Safe and Easy Multi Family Communities

This website is Dedicated To Representing Superior Master Planned Communities

Designs and The Ways We Could Build That Guarantee an Easy Life Of Luxury 

We do not own real estate approved for the first project. But don't worry because we always planned on getting square miles of land from the State Trust Land Available in many places. Cowboys are willing to trade for growing food for their cows and providing watering holes. Indians are willing to trade land for schools housing and construction services.

No one is authorized to represent this company yet. 

Investing in Sustainable Tangible Assets. 

Real Estate Designed For Efficiency and Prosperity

The Farm For Food... Real Estate 

Preserving Talents and Companies

The Good News Is There Is A Way That Saves Us from Most Problems and it is easy to learn understand and remember. For $100 per month per 5000 people buys $100,000,000 in real estate able to be used for housing and everything else needed to guarantee a productive abundant beautiful life.  

This Company Freedom Projects Represents a Superior Way of Building Communities. Superior Economics Solves Everyone's Economic Problems. The Builders of the cities of the earth did not invest in our security like God would for not knowing we have a better choice. Get ready to move to a smarter more caring superior community. Believe we can have it all in a smarter community.
A Smart City That Saves The People 

Poverty Ends A Government Represents a System of Living That Guarantees The Easy Abundant life. 

More Jobs Easy to Find Begins as The Builder Automatically Provides More . Office, Entertainment, Industrial, Manufacturing  Retail, Restaurant, And Every Type of Space Creative People Could Possibly  Need. Making it easy for one person to start a new business. One good idea from one person can employ 100s and even millions of people. Many good ideas never get started because of the need for a location to work from. Space for products being manufactured, space for tools and employees is important to an inventor or master craftsman. 

Construction is Top Priority A Large Company of Workers for Building Everything We Need Comes First. 

The Freedom Projects  Plan To Provide Quality Support For Creative People. How To Classes and Work Shops with tools for manufacturing products of all types of materials. Vacuum Forming Equipment. Metal Working Equipment, Composite Engineering Company. The list is long and the funding for hundreds of new companies is obvious to see how we the people can afford The Abundant Life. 

Know that it is a legal choice to believe in The Way of Living That Provides Us With The Abundant Life. Cities to Be Remodeled and Some New Cities Approved to Provide $100M In Amenities Per 5000 people.  Solving most problems providing space tools and professional support. The Goal to Know Super Charged Productivity. To be professional at working with all materials in one place.  

Knowing The Way That Saves Us From Most Problems and How we can get it brings true joy. Consider it an important goal that a large crowd of people are able to celebrate their exodus to the Cornucopia Utopia. A Perfect Government and a Perfect City. 

An APP is coming to sign up for salvation from The City Life. All the cities that use the Worlds Way Create Poverty Have No Answers on How to Escape The Hard Life. Here we represent reality correctly and prove with simple math that we can have it all for almost free. The APP will be free to sign up to move to a community and escape uncertainty and the hard life. 

Good deals on Real Estate  is the way to the easy life.

The easy life is easier to get than the hard life. Needing almost no money is the end result rather than needing more money to live in the city.


The Truth That Sets Us Free

Easy Financial Freedom and How we could Buy it 

Is Something That everyone should Learn

Considered to Be The Most Important Study

The First Thing We Should All Know

Community Designs That Save Us

Smart Caring Economics Is What We Deserve

Learn It Live It. The Smart Way Is Gods Way.

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

A Different Way (System) Saves Us From All Evil