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Mansions. Design Concept Live In Luxury. 10 Unit Mansions... Economically Speaking. 10 small homes costing $100,000 each could be connected together in the form of a Mansion costing $1,000,000. So instead of buying a typical residential home this would be much more luxurious. Economic advantage is this. If 10 regular homes costing $100,000 have a $30,000 kitchen. This means 10 homes paid $30,000 each for a kitchen to total $300,000. So in the Mansion Style Plan you would have a $300,000 kitchen.Live The Nice Life Like A Movie Star...

A 10 Unit Mansion, $100,000 each unit costs $1,000,000 or $5000 per month = $500 per month per unit... $500 a month buys a luxury bedroom in a mansion...

Space Breakdown... Later

$4M Mansions

Mansions / Hotels That Look Like Custom Homes...

In a 100 Bedroom Mansion $25 Per Month Buys $500,000 In Real Estate.

The Creative Arts Mansions With All The Essential Amenities:

This idea is to provide affordable housing without having tenant problems. Making Life Easy And Affordable As The Best Solution For Trouble.

Creative Arts Mansions. Theme Based Entertainment Homes... Music... Hot Rods... Art... Kids...

Other Mansions: Starter Homes Mansions, Retirement Mansions, Theme Mansions,

100 Bedroom Mansion With All The Essential Amenities: Includes all the essentials including swimming pool and semi private gym. Includes in home library, office theater etc.

Technical Information: Mansions Will Have Self Sustaining Climate Control Systems.

Cooling Systems (High and Low Velocity Water Cooling Systems)

Heating Systems (Fire Wood, Hydrogen, Hot Water From The Sun Could Be Used For Showers and Heating, Hydrogen can be made with solar panels, Magnetism to Create Electricity)

Fire Prevention (Fire Proof Barriers)

Water Systems (Self Sustaining Drinking Water, Well Water, Multiple Wells With Tanks)

Electrical Systems ( Power Grid Public Utilities, Solar Panels But Not The Best Idea Because of how much space they take up and a friend told me they only last 10 years.