This is The Movie will Document some of the people and the changes they go through as they make it out of LA. Or Any Other Dangerous City to the abundant life. Promoting the Wisdom that Leads Us The People to A Beautiful Affordable Abundant Life. Try to Keep it Positive. Many Important Things have recently vanished or have died off almost everywhere on land and in the ocean. Now We Must Have a Meeting. 2018 Poison Killed Almost Everything in the Ocean and Sand and On the sand like the flies are dead. The beach had millions of flies now they are hard to find. The Coast of California is still dying fast and we are having an emergency. 

This Movie Series must be mostly about reality and I would love professional help from some of my old friends involved in many big time films. Rick Shuster Movie Stunt and Film Pilot. Ed Felix Machinist, Movie Special Effects and Two of my oldest friends. Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg both of these men have noticed something and I believe God wants them to help me decide on some things. I am not liking this do it all alone dilemma. I needed help long ago revealing some simple wisdom that sets Us free from money problems forever. A place the people must go to save them from money system failure.  This Poison Gas Problem I Just Discovered is the greatest Evil Problem I ever discovered and another good reason to escape the big city but even a worse problem is coming. Computer Failure is Next. The Stores will fail and so Building a sustainable city has been a plan for many years easy financial freedom is the best reason to live a different life that saves us from the problems we are having. A system that does not need to use money needs to be in place and used before the end. Like in the Movie Industry they get free food delivered. When the system fails its to late for changes in most cities nothing will be available. Lord Help Us.  

Now Reality is turning into Something Out of a Novel or Science Fiction Movie. Getting Started on Building a new sustainable city where life is easy is becoming an emergency operation. 

John. 1:1 In The Beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Heaven has been void of wisdom and understanding with most people over powering Jesus Christs Mind. If the people would support Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalen of Whom radiates his love and hope for Us. Today  

So far we got the hard life for everyone (Traffic) (Can Mark Wahlberg Escape Traffic? No!) life can only change easily into something better like the easy life in beauty land after we see how its possible. 5 Minutes is all it takes to learn the wisdom that sets Us Free. And thinking about some simple wisdom supports Gods Hope and Faith in What He has always wanted Us to have. Affordable Housing and Food in a Sustainable Format. When life becomes sustainable it also becomes almost free. And today more things can be almost free than ever before. Many great things I have hoped for for many years maybe I will finally get support so we the people can get things like generators that run on magnetism. The Abundant Life On Paper Looks Very Affordable. Simple Math Proves It Is Possible. Being forced to get out before the end is a good thing an ugly stroke of luck because I have made no impact on improving the quality of life for anyone even though I understand how to lead 100 people and even way more people than that into the easy abundant life. Its very frustrating to see so many suffer when they could get the easy life instead it was always affordable, I discovered long ago and almost no one knows. Let Wisdom Be Known So God Has Less Competition. We must believe in what God believes in to please God. This will never change.  

Advanced Modern Telepathic People. Hearing Voices A Mental Enhancement When Wisdom is Present and the Subject of Discussion. Today 1/27/21 A Girl Called from Vegas said she is meeting with a Lawyer Soon. In Heaven She Calls Herself Britney Spears. Her friends In Santa Monica One Night Owen Wilson and Madonna met me in a parking lot we should have talked! We would have so much more today we have stagnated as a country! And Now Malibu is Having a Big Problem. The Biggest Ever! Lets Talk. Where we start is not where we need to end up. 

PS. Euphoria is a spirit and I am able to create it with music. I spent way to much time on music to just ignore it now lets keep it in mind that building a new place for us to go must be on the front burner. Music Let Us enjoy it and do many more great things together not just Music.      Last Edit .....  11:23 PM    ..... 1/27/2021

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Hello ...  A Test Video.

Let Peace On Earth Prevail Including Waking Up Every Morning With No Worries...

Peace Starts With Financial Freedom. Many Might Argue But I Know

This Movie was always destined to be about getting out of the big cities using creepy economics on everyone. Thousands of construction jobs with affordable housing options. This Movie series 

The Holy Grail / The Easy Life The Simple Knowledge That Leads Us Into A Life Of Prosperity and Beauty.

What Causes The People Money Problems Is Fixable... Teaching the people a new way to live is the answer.  The Love of Money is the root of all evil. This is an economic statement and so a different economic system saves us from all evil and makes life easy more supportive and more beautiful. 

I'm not interested in working on this alone for to much longer funding me and paying me so I can upgrade my mobile office systems and hire some people to get things done. 

1/27/21 WH. CA. We are having enough big problems in Los Angeles. And now The Worst Evil Problem is the Poison in the air and in the ocean has killed so many things and is choking the people to death. We should be in the state of emergency but we are not able to easily decide on where to start. 

Our Big Movie should be very educational and reveal many amazing things. 

Front Page News Poison Gas is in The Air in places like Malibu California. It was not even detected by anyone but Robert Rowley. I'm Not a Doctor. I'm A Jack Of All Trades. Professional Construction Worker. Born in California. I understand many things and have many talents. I notice more about reality because it is my job to design and build and perfect or correct problems all day as fast as possible. Construction Screwed Me Out Of A Life. But my talents can now save thousands of people including me I will pay me more as I manage bigger projects. 

Many People seem to be Adjusted to Not Using The Phone. Hearing The Living Word and I Believe it Travels at the speed of light not sound. Hearing People Thinking. And Talking Without Opening Their Mouths.