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20 persons investment groups. How ordinary people can prosper like the rich prosper. Since a 20 person investment group is legal in most states in the USA. This page studies the power of 20. Larger groups sometimes require SEC Approval.... Business Plans Requiring SEC Approval will be studied later on another page.

Live The Life of A Millionaire for a $500 per month investment.

When We Have Partners We Also Have Spending Power. Word Of Mouth Sales Finding Partners People Who Want to profit from buying real estate. With partners we can easily buy real estate.

Partner Groups Guarantee Success... Together we can guarantee success. Alone if you spend $500 per month on investments you can't buy much. $500 a month is not enough to pay for upfront costs of developing real estate. But if 20 persons pay $500 per month that is $10,000 per month. $10K Per month gets things done. A Well for Water Costs $10,000... 20 persons can easily pay for a $10,000 well in one month. 

Trust... Group Success. Business Plans that guarantee all people prosper and benefit from the business opportunity they choose. What type of business plans are there? A) Business Plans should have a beginning and an end.

Open ended business plans with multiple owners on title much more easily fail. 20 people buying property decide to vote later on how to use the land or when to sell it. If 20 persons are on title then title changes would be almost impossible to make.

If 20 people decide to buy land and build 20 cabins to lease they could share profits and time share space giving themselves an income and affordable vacation opportunities... Holding title as joint partners with records shown at City Hall showing a partner group as owner with a qualifying owner on title. One person acts as administrator of the estate.

Group Investment Insurance. 20 persons multiplied by 5% = 100%... Charging 5% For Insurance. If an investment costs $500 per month

Alone most struggle. Together we can easily prosper. The business plans that lead the people away from the hard life are not known by most people...

Finding Partners. Topic One. How to Sell Business Opportunities.


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