This is The Movie will Document the people and the changes they go through as they make it out of LA. Or Any Other Dangerous City. to the abundant life. Promoting the Wisdom that Leads Us The People to A Beautiful Affordable Abundant Life. Today the people do not understand the business plan (The Way) that leads to the abundant life.

Simple Truth Sets Us Free. There is No Word for (The Truth) and (The Way) That Leads to (The Abundant Life)... If I pay $1 = One Dollar Per Month to Buy something I want I get gum to chew on for a couple of days. Yet if 5000 people pay $1 = One Dollar Per Month they can buy $1,000,000 In Real Estate. I can buy 4 square miles of beautiful land with that much money. Canoga park has 16,500 people per square mile. Canoga Park California has 65,000 people on 4 square miles. If you drive through the city it does not seem over crowded. How the people survive I have no idea. How do they get jobs or make things work out? Over Crowding with no plan or guarantee is very dangerous for any city.

If 5000 people pay $50 per month I can buy them 4 square miles and put $50,000,000 worth of usable real estate on the land giving 5000 people job opportunities and housing opportunities. Wisdom      Last Edit .....  2:15PM    ..... 7/07/2019

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Hello ...  A Test Video.

The People In This Video Above Are Saying. May Peace On Earth Prevail? That Is A Question.

Let Peace On Earth Prevail Including Waking Up Every Morning With No Worries...

Peace Starts With Financial Freedom. Many Might Argue But I Know

This Web Site Is About How All People Can Know Financial Freedom

The Holy Grail / The Easy Life The Simple Knowledge That Leads Us Into A Life Of Prosperity and Beauty.

What Causes The People Money Problems Is Fixable... Teaching the people a new way to live is the answer. 

Gods Faith In Life and How To Organize People So They Know Peace... Starts by making life affordable. Providing Opportunities to Prosper... Providing Job Opportunities Close To Where We Live Solves Traffic Problems...

Most Developers do not consider the peoples needs in residential neighborhoods... No Jobs... etc.

An important message I have neglected to write about. How to explain my opinion of the World Trade Centers and why it is important to invest in tangible assets. The stock market dos not guarantee stocks angry losers got revenge I was the only man their with 1 security guard when the FBI Helicopter Landed on Perperdine University Lawn in Malibu California...  I Filmed this event where the people put 1 flag for every person who died on the lawn and so there was almost 3000 flags... I have stellar video footage of the flags and helicopter event.

Now I wanted to get things going on a film location in Salado Arizona... A nice investment opportunity.

I want to say. The people who sell stocks do not guarantee them. They might lose value. Sorry but to many sad stories... Investing in New Real Estate is smarter. If you buy right you cant lose with real estate.

Traffic Ruins Life! It Ruined Mine!

Now I Plan To Build Communities Where People Do Not Need A Car, Computer, Phone, Or Money To Eat. Or to get employment.

To Make Life Easy Affordable Beautiful Entertaining.. www.TheEasyLifeBook. I escape and start building mansions for the people... Then I will have a place to live... A New Video With Narration Is Coming This Is A Real Movie. Real Problems Real People Real Solutions...