This Is The Temporary Front Page Of Star Network TV

Ideas for Movie/Music Stars to make life safer and more enjoyable for everyone...

A Custom Hotel (A Meeting Place) With Helicopter Pads on the Roof

Once upon a Time over 100 Movie and Music Stars names was linked to this page with TV.com after the names.

This web site still believes in promoting intelligent projects designed to make life safer and more enjoyable.

Hi Britney Spears... I believe in you girl...  Get free real estate and a profit sharing bonus of 4M per year for 5 years totalling 20 Mil. over a period of 5 years. Based on sales of resort bedroom suites. For promoting StarNetworkTV.com Be in OurBigMovie.com Let me help with a big concert... Stage Design Music Production Etc... BritneySpearsTV.com Goes here again. A Pink Helicopter On The Roof. Delivers VIPs from Saint Johns Airport.

A Fairytale Concert Location is Planned with His and Hers Castles built for the ultimate romantic TV Show. A musical instrument vehicle houses several, musicians and singers... The vehicle transforms and opens up to show some of the passengers. The musical transformer drives out of a large barn on a hill past the Gypsy Horses and Custom Horses Carriages. Outside a Fancy Restaurant. Through a crowd of people the vehicle makes it way to the outdoor stage. The Crowd Goes Crazy... As The Musical Transforming Vehicle Opens Up and Starts to Rock The Mountain... An Amazing Concert Begins... Live Music TV... A Movie Location People Live at and Vacation at...  The Ultimate Place to have affordable creative arts fun...  ArtStarFarm.com A Creative Arts Self Sustaining Farm.

Hi Brad Pitt... God wants Us to work on something together. A positive Movie! OurBigMovie.com and beyond. I am the carpenter who was working on the home Brad and Jennifer Aniston was building. ALuckyDay.com on my motorhome in the driveway... Its me. Gods Love remains a memory to never be forgotten. Time to get busy call me. 310-740-0254 Robert Rowley. GreenMotorProject.com Let Us Make Life Safer and More Affordable for Everyone. I for sure know how to get the most important job done that ever needed to get done. The Ultimate Machines Run on Magnetism... The only thing in the way is money and not that much money either...

Mark Wahlberg... I believe Mark Wahlberg heard me thinking when I was at his Home in California..  While working on Marks Home in California. I kept thinking this is Hectors Vector as a creative comical thought. Mostly Spanish men seemed to be the majority of the workers. So I named the location Hectors Vector but only as a thought in my mind. I never said it out loud. So I'm in Marks Garage and 2 young men walk up to me and ask me if I'm Hector? I said no I'm not Hector and then they left...

This is Robert Rowley. I found what I must call a Magic Piano. The Magic Piano is the most intricate and most beautiful piano we own. This piano has stayed in almost perfect tune for 20 years so far. This is a true story I would never believe in if it did not happen to me. When I figured it out I cried. I still cry some times...

Saint Johns Arizona. Saint John had the living word come upon him... As he cried in the wilderness the people could here him thinking and feel him weeping for the people to know the Lord and the people came to the river to be baptized... (John Chapter 1 Verse 1) In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God and the word was God. The living word became flesh and dwelt among us... Jesus Christ... The Living Word is A Big Part of This Web Site. Psychic Enhanced Awareness of many people thinking together. God is With Us... If you read and understand certain truths we become closer to God. Simple wisdom liberates Us.

StarNetworkTV.com was created as I got visions of all the movie stars. I then bought over 100 TV.coms so I could remember their names and get them on a list... I forgot most of the names. the list is now in a broken hard drive I think? I thought a meeting place for movie stars was a good idea. I also thought what spending power the group could have and designed business plans to make the members money while solving our greatest problems.

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