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Ideas for Movie/Music Stars to make life safer and more enjoyable for everyone...

A Custom Hotel (A Meeting Place) With Helicopter Pads on the Roof

Once Upon a Time over 100 Movie and Music Stars names linked to this page with TV.com after the names. This web site believes in promoting intelligent humanitarian type projects designed to make life safer and more enjoyable.

Brad Pitt Has a Movie Called Once Upon a Time.  High Brad. This is Robert Rowley I Love The Name Of Your Movie. And I was reminded of a Romantic Setting of 2 Kingdoms

StarNetworkTV.com was created as I got visions of all the movie stars. I then bought over 100 TV.coms so I could remember their names and get them on a list... I forgot most of the names. the list is now in a broken hard drive I think? I thought a meeting place with many spaces for movie stars was a good idea. For Security Reasons... Healthy Mind and Body. Even when we get old... I also thought what spending power the group could have and designed business plans to make the members money while solving our greatest problems.

God is a Force of Smart Caring People... Gods Number One Concern is that we do not know how we can live in peace together without money problems. It is very simple... 

Brad Pitt Call Me Please. I have no partners and always considered Brad Pitt first. We Experience Knowing God... How?

Mark Wahlberg Call Me Please. As you enter the gate where Mark lives you see fairytale looking streets. But not to far away its normal life as we know it. Put simple Mark and his family probably do not like leaving the neighborhood where they live. Outside the gate to me is hell on earth... Traffic masters kingdom with chaos economics and ugly architecture... Nothing is self sustaining. Does he worry? Hello Mark. In a Big Environment Like The San Fernando Valley. If 10 people per acre die and they are not buried it will smell bad. But just think? If 5000 people die per square mile of land just over the hill from Lets Say Beverly Hills? That even if you have food to eat and all the other things needed to survive famine. Empty Stores. Any survivors would for sure not be able to breath. Someday all the stores will be empty.

Simple Truth Sets Us Free. There is a way to think that liberates the people from the greatest problem on earth. Money Worries and No Time To Enjoy Life. An Affordable Quality Life can be Very Affordable. The People Desire Many Different Life Styles most people do not require much space. Myself I'm Very Creative and Have Extreme Talents.

A Movie Series. The Evolution of Reality. OurBigMovie.com The Foundation of The Movie is to Document the Evolution of The Human Race Relative to Economics. The Worlds Way is an Evil Unpredictable Failure for most people. God never approved of the economic systems used on the earth. Put simple one way works and almost no one is using it.

A self sustaining resort creative arts farm project. The Ultimate Good Idea... ArtStarFarm.com ? I need to live some place extremely creative. All trades manufacturing everything we need. The Ultimate Place to go to see new things or buy directly from creative people. This type of project should have started 10 years ago...!

I know some people are not happy with the Lyman Lake Arizona Project. If I had more money it would not be the first location so don't blame me. I was expecting Brad or Mark to Help. Lyman Lake is still a great place

I though it would be a good idea if a person with unlimited funding help me Find Land to Build A Sustainable Community.

Robert Rowley. 310-740-0254 California Cell...........

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