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This is ---- Together We Can Have It All. Alone Most Will Struggle.

An easy to understand system of living can make life easy and beautiful for all people. A Smart Caring Developers Plan Can Save Us From Poverty. Building A Beautiful Productive Business Based Community is The Best Idea. Buying a different way of life can easily save Us even if we are homeless or poor. Most Big City Problems can be eliminated by moving away to a new community away from the big city. A Community Built So Life is Easy and Jobs are Abundant. We Plan on Building Multi Family Projects. We build homes for Movie Stars and very rich people... The Good News is here at Freedom Projects ordinary people can live a life of luxury.

This website has common sense answers to our most important questions and solutions to our greatest troubles. Plans we the people can choose that automatically guarantee the financial security of all people are here. Together (United) We Stand. (Divided) We Fall.

Today Homeless People Could Buy/Pay Their Way Out of That Evil Trouble. 5000 People paying $1 (One Dollar) per month can buy more land than they need and move to the land. 5000 X $1.00 = $5000=($1,000,000) One Million Dollars... In Buying Power. Put Simple. It costs a developer $1 per month per person when 5000 people pay to buy 2 square miles. 640 X 2 = 1280 Acres of land is what I could buy for 5000 homeless people... My Cost is $1 each person. Large Land Areas Exist... Square Miles... $500,000 is enough money to buy 640 acres = one square mile... California Government came $78,000,000 Short of the goal to spend money housing homeless people... The Government does not have the money. Homeless People can easily pay their own way. 5000 people spending $25 per month buys them $25,000,000 in real estate.

Its never been considered a safe idea to buy large parcels of land to live on as a single family. Single Family Residential is very costly and dangerous with no community support in most cities on earth... Each family suffers alone. THAT IS NOT SMART! HERE WE SHOW YOU SMART COMMUNITY PLANNING AND ECONOMICS. GUARANTEED WAYS OF OBTAINING AND MAINTAINING A NICE LIFE OF LUXURY.

The basics wisdom and  understanding of how a system can work to provide more of what we need so life is easy is math based. If 1 person pays $100 per month they cant buy much. But when 100 pay $100 they get $2,000,000. Together we can escape financial uncertainty and live a life of luxury.$2,000,000 builds a service facility that provides everything the people need like food cooking services, work space, office space,

First thing everyone needs is a home and food. If your home is very affordable and the food is produced locally so it is guaranteed affordable also then it is possible to live a life free from financial worries and stress. Jobs can be included in development projects also.

Communities can be built so life is easy and affordable for the people. Smart service systems give us our time back while making life affordable. Example: Freedom Stories... Today in most cities husbands and wives buy food and cook dinner for the kids. So 500 mothers spend 1-2000 hours per day and more feeding kids etc. If 500 families buy 500 kitchens in single family homes they pay $40,000 for a cheap kitchen average. That is 500 families X $40,000 = $20,000,000... These 500 kitchens waste time and life is lost to house chores etc... It is not smart... If 500 families pay $2,000 each they can own a $1,000,000 restaurant and provide jobs and affordable food to all families. When 500 families buy food they save money buying in bulk. When 500 families use a restaurant together it saves all families time and money.

A Holiday Inn Hotel has more than 500 rooms and sits on 2 acres... So 5000 rooms could fit on 20 acres. If the people start out in Hotel Type Housing Everything can be easy. Everything can be easy to access. Like Food and Other Services... So if 5000 buy 2 square miles for $1 they could be housed on 20 acres and have 1278 acres to use for farming and expansion... This is an idea to live in a hotel type environment on a large piece of property where food and products are produced. Many products can be produced locally for the growing community. If 5000 people pay $25 per month they could get 1280 acres with $24,000,000 in real estate and land upgrades. Today the people get nothing they can use. Except! If you pay $40 per month you can use over 100 million dollars in real estate 24 hours per day! Where? LA! 24 Hour Fitness and other companies prove we can get more for a small price. Put Simple Our Greatest Problem is Not Knowing How Life Can be Affordable...

Raw Land with Water is what we need... Knowing what we need to build so life is easy must and will become common knowledge. The Government Needs Us To Agree to Pay and Then we can have it all... Financial Freedom...

Today many homes costing $2,000,000 can be rebuilt new for $200,000. The people are paying way to much for real estate! That makes life dangerous. The Big Cities Give Us Nothing! Canoga Park has more than 50,000 people. All they got is a park and a library. Not even $5,000,000 is what they get in usable amenities... $50,000 people paying $1 per month can buy $10,000,000 in real estate. The people of Canoga Park California, could buy their way out of most troubles with a smart plan and a meeting place...

Most Communities are Built with no concern of where the people will get employment... The Building Department is to Blame. No Public Bathrooms! Again Not The Police or Sheriff... But the Building Department is to blame. They do not care if we the people get anything we need. 

Here at Freedom Projects we will automatically include everything we the people need.

Big City Governments? Stores Lock Bathroom Doors... The Government Does Nothing... Freeway Off Ramps Need Bathrooms... Get Busy! Be Considerate of the peoples needs! Show You Care! Last Edit 1:47PM 2/25/2018

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This website is designed to save the people from most problems and also to provide safe investment opportunities for investors. You could call this company a concerned development company with answers.

Easy Affordable Financial Freedom For High School Grads. Real Estate With Community Support.