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Robert Rowley California USA Handyman Master Carpenter. Inventor. Contractor Developer 

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Editor of FreedomProjects.Org Owner of FreedomProjects.Org and Every company I represent in this web site. Like GreenMotorProject.com I critic my own uploads and delete many. On youtube.com and for sure someone sabotaged youtube.com/magnetpoweredmotor  someone added a video without my permission something I would never represent.  

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Music Piano Mix Over The Years


Living in California has neglected my life. Careful what you wish for because you might get it. Then you can worry like I worry about my perfect painted tigers living in my van. I lost the most beautiful tigers I ever saw in Tarzana I thought they had adjusted to their new environment from living in the garage but they all disappeared and I never found them. Green Eyes Grey and White Tigers. Like Baby White Tigers Big and Strong. 10 years of breading I know had a perfect girl and boy, a group of maybe 5 total. So I wished to find another cat so perfect and found 3 I thought I was going to give them away? Now I can't because they also have the ability to look smart and aware like humans showing way more expression in photography than any cat photos on earth. One of my Tigers is a skinny version of the same white tigers amazing to see her perfect stripes and spots. Another is brown and black tiger the cutest I ever saw with semi long fir. Pictures Coming Soon. 

Now hear this. California has an ugly future I always wanted to get out and do something way smarter and way kinder for us the people on earth. I'm able to be Mega Creative and I know how to do many things most people do not understand. I know 100 ways to make millions of dollars building companies we need for manufacturing inventions products real estate and entertainment. We would not be stagnating as a country if we had started 20 years ago on ideas I have struggled to even start. All things start with communication and describing new ideas to each other. And then getting busy building the things we want. Today we have more to work with than ever before this is supposed to become the most amazing thing that ever happened to the human race. Gods Promise - The Return of The Living Word Able to Inform Teach Lead and Liberate the people from the fear of failure forever with God Amen 

I am working on a big project with some people who are connected to Gods Mind. We are attempting to collaborate God willing it looks like it might be time. I complained to Jesus Christ that no one was listening and that I'm leaving alone but he always worried about returning with the proper needed support of people wanting the Big Project that saves Us. Not just something small and trying to get started.