Project Themes Descriptions and Overall Synopsis 

50+ Acres In Central Eastern Arizona 5500+ Ft Elevation

4 Miles North of Lyman Lake in Arizona

Project Themes: Construction School, Food, Kids, Romance, Music, Manufacturing Work Shops, Cats and Kittens. It has always been my Dream to build multiple places to live with different architecture for each place. Girl Theme Pink Victorian Mansion on Pink Hill... Boys Mansion (Custom Tudor) Boy Colors... Cat Mansion for example would have a creative development work shop for designing and manufacturing products like clothing for cats and kittens. Media Production Animals... A Cat Collection is Important... 

50+ Mountain View Acres
of Farm Land With a Canal From Lyman Lake For Irrigation. A Self Sustaining Project

The Architectural Designs
Must Be Nice Enough And Grand Enough... With a Big Sign That Says Welcome... Then People will come from all over the earth to see this place. Because of its Beauty and Ability To Impress and Entertain Us...

A Beautiful Productive Work Place as The Center Piece of the Community. The place to find employment and stay productive. 100 to 500 Rooms for productive creative people to represent their products and services. Bedrooms near creative arts work space. Not typical industrial buildings. Fancy Architecture

This web site offers a service to first time home buyers. No Money Down No Qualifying Home Ownership...

Preferably Young adults just out of High School. Why? Properly Planned Success Starts with knowing we can afford our own place to live... Today I never search for a place to buy like a home. Sky High Prices in places Like Los Angeles Kill The Dream. The people pay $750,000 for something worth $150,000 if it was new... Landlords and Appraisers are Mentally I'll... I do not like city life way more than most people. It lost its appeal long ago... Here I offer young adults (And I Offer This To Anyone Who Qualifies) a place to live with job opportunities and let you move in before you pay anything... My idea is to let the people move in and even feed them for 30 days while they learn and decide what job they want... OK? The Program cost $50 per month after you get paid. Imagine that. Today no kid out of high school could ever find in any City in The USA... This offer is here only... All Real Estate Deals are Limited. Is a Company Being Built. The main theme and attraction is this. Fancy Work Shops New Products Prototyping and Manufacturing

Making The Planet Earth A Nicer Place To Live

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