Land Information 36 Acres North of Lyman Lake

Half Way Between Lyman Lake and Saint Johns City and Airport

This Video below will be replaced as soon as i produce another one. This property is approximately 4 miles north of Lyman Lake Arizona. It starts out looking at a small ditch and so will be replaced. A very small portion of land is a small ditch.

This property and Lyman Lake looks like trash from Hell if you look at satellite maps! In reality it is more like a secret fairytale. When it snows it feels like summer when the sun comes out... I found this property after driving through the snow. The sun was shining and it was warm like spring time.

Freedom Projects Bought this Property to Rescue The People... Starting with Construction Workers. Including all respectful people who honor high quality family and community values.

No Weeds no Cactus 5800' Elevation 100s Of Evergreen Trees Pink Fairytale Soil   Last Edit. 4:00PM... 10/23/2018
Edited By Robert Rowley 310-740-0254