Is a publicly used crowdfunding website where a large group of people from all over the world can buy what we the people might be selling. In my case I have many things planned. / /

Kickstarter Project 1. A Piano Based Album Using Several Pianos! and Guitars. MusicMP3 Files. Exotic Music Videos. Piano Education. Like How to move a piano. How to repair a piano. How to pick a piano. I have moved many pianos for me for free. I have the ability so I get pianos for free. I just found a new FREE piano I don't want but I am being forced by God to pick it up. Windsor is on the key cover. It looks like a piano that would be built for a King.  Tomorrow I will upload a quick commercial of some of my pianos along with the Windsor Piano.

People come up to me and say do you want a piano? I always say no! So why the Windsor Piano? I saw this piano style 5 years ago. I wanted it! I am a Carpenter! This Piano has 5 inch turnings when most pianos have 2-1/2 inch. This Windsor Piano I found in Carpenteria California has unique damage I should be able to easily fix, or it would be gone also! So I feel lucky to get one complete piano with a matching bench. The Windsor is The Kings Piano... This Piano Is Scheduled to be picked up this weekend probably Sunday July 22nd 2018. It causes me a problem to own it.

Since we are on the subject of me. I am a very frustrated genius! I spent over 10 years on this piano project. I never would have started it if I thought it would be over 10 years later. Anyoianos for free. If you can move them for free then you get the piano for gas and time. Many Antique or Used Pianos can be repaired for $100 in parts to play better than new. Today free tuners in smart phones make the pianos easier to tune than ever. I got a free tuner (Pano Tuner) This tuner recognizes all the strings.

I have several amazing upright pianos. Mostly Antique Pianos. I have an amazing story to tell about one of the pianos and I will upload a sample of it being played by me soon. The Magic Sherpe Piano.

Piano #1 Upright The Magic Sherpe Piano. Found 2017? This Piano has Stayed in tune for over 18 years. Now it is called the Magic Piano by me... A dot com I bought many years ago is after owning this dot com for several years I then found the Magic piano in Simi Valley California. This piano had a book on top of all the other books inside the bench. It reads Piano Magic. So now I have determined that the only thing that keeps a piano in tune for 18 years is  Magic or A Miracle... I did not want to admit it but I cried when I figured out I found a piano that seems to never need tuning!

Piano #2 Upright Windsor. Acquired 7/22/2018. This Large Very Rare Upright Piano has the largest turnings I ever saw and a matching bench. A Film Quality Piano. Some damage will be fixed soon and maybe this piano will make it on my first album. Not the best timing but I want a nice piano collection for the Arizona Project... I hope I get funded large enough to get the pianos moved to Arizona...

Piano #3 Upright Baby Green Piano... Found in 2018 Amazing Sounding Piano. Soft Sweet One String Per Hammer. This Small Baby Piano I got for FREE. This man I know works at Hollywood Storage. He comes up to me and asks me, would you like a free piano? I said no! But then I said but I will check because I can walk there in 5 minutes. When I saw it was a miniature piano I was to curious to say no! So that day in 2 hours I tuned it and wrote a song. Its amazing sound is hard to beat. The soft sound will be perfect for the nursery baby sleep time music... Many songs will come out of this piano plus now I know how these little pianos sound.

Piano #4 Korg Triton Studio Music Work Station and Sampler. Found 7/19/2018 Amazing Piano! I was a little afraid of not including a High Quality Digital Synth Piano! This is one of the best digital pianos ever built...

Piano #5 Grinnell Brothers Chicago Antique Upright Concert Grand. Found 2014? This amazing piano was found because of a problem I had. I went to tune a piano in Santa Monica one day and it broke in half. Exploded in front of my new customer. She gave me $40 and I left! I felt guilty and wanted to find her another piano so I looked on and maybe the free section. I ended up at Santa Monica Church on 2nd St. Upstairs 22 steps up. I had a Grinnell Piano before not as old but it sounded better than most pianos I ever heard. I always regretted selling the first Grinnell. But now I was standing in front of another Grinnell Antique Concert Grand. I tested the sound quality by tuning some strings and determined that I must get this Grinnell! So I thought I would take some of the parts of it and come back later? The lady said first person gets it out gets it! This was not good! Why? Because I only had $180 in the bank and $40 cash. So lucky for me I found 3 guys and paid each one $20 per hour or $60 per hour to get it on to the van... In 2 Hours it was done and I was dangerously broke! The Grinnell is Amazing! Louder than any Upright I ever found. Nice touch. Would not stay in tune? I have seen this before! When a Piano wont stay in tune it could snap in half. The piano that broke in half would not stay in tune while I was tuning it. The problem was the main beam was cracking in half. This New Grinnell was doing the same thing! So I bolted it and tuned it and it is amazing. Bolting Pianos a Video...

Piano #6 Stemmer Upright Exotic Green Plate Beauty Soft Hammers. Great Piano. Found 2013? Found In Hollywood A Free Piano. I did not know till I got it to my shop. It had the worst damage I ever saw. The Upper Base Bridge was cracked! Made out of Wood!? That was terrible! All the pins was loose in the base section falling out of the bridge. I got videos of fixing it and it can be seen at The Flags scene. The Stemmer is Nice! I like it better than a U3 Yamaha... Its like getting a $5000 piano for free. Most songs turn out nice on this piano.

Piano #7 Chickering Brothers 67BB. Amazing Touch and sound today it needs one day of work to be played. It will be used for my first album. Touch 15 quarters. Lite Touch Ivory.

Piano #8 Antique Baby Pump Organ / Found 7/4/2018 Salvation Army $250 I broke it 3 times so far. Nice Organ Im Amazed that it still works... 1800s? Antique Carved. The main pump straps was very old. Lucky for me I had a new straps just sitting around same size way stronger.

Ivory. I dont like Ivory. To thin to sharp. A larger rolled edge is way better! I remove all ivory unless... All my pianos get new key tops eventually. I love sliding on pianos and many cant slide good. Plastic with larger round corners improves the players ability to slide with much more comfort. Ivory hurts to slide.

Get Free Pianos By Moving Pianos Alone. A Video is Coming. My 3rd generation piano moving system is coming. I stick the piano on the rear bumper of my Van. Being able to move pianos for free is nice...  The Windsor (The Kings Piano) is being moved soon a video will show. A New Piano Moving System?

Much of the music I create is sound track type with no words. But some how I must include some words of Wisdom. The Truth that sets Us Free From Debt can be learned in 5 minutes... I want the people to learn not just get music in their ears. Wisdom 101 How To Be A Hero

A Super Hero Theme Album Captain America Must Get The Words Out. So people stop freaking out! Give them wisdom. Give this generation freedom. Written By Genius... Carpenter. And Way More!

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