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Lyman Lake Arizona Income Real Estate

(Camp on the Water for $45 per year at Lyman Lake)

$2500 Down   $250 per mo.  Creative Arts Residential Work Shops With Bath/Shower Creative Arts Living Work Space Multi use units live in / work in. Or just use it for storage. After Completion they should be worth $70,000 as is... New 420 sq ft multi use units $30,000 each plus $5000 for land = $35,000 total / 12 wide X 35 ft deep X 10 ft high ceilings on Private bathroom, shower, mini kitchen. Only 20 of these available. This Project Plans to Build 2 Buildings Considered Creative Residential Farm Housing. 10 Units each building. Each building approximately 5000 sq ft each. With a sky lite for each unit. RV Hook Up Available. Upgrades to units available. Just ask...

This is an Entertainment Based Company Project...  Rules of engagement protecting the quality of life behind the guard gate with restrictions... Family Values is The Best Way To Define The Rules... The same rules as at Lyman Lake State Park has until later. This is a family based entertainment company. Some approval may be required by the company owners...

Creating Jobs Onsite: I am trying to support people who would like to be involved with creative arts media production, custom automotive, or construction type companies expanding or starting a new business. People who want to expand a company they are already involved with is nice. After this project is sold other projects will break ground and provide work for people in construction. This is an Entertainment Company... Supporting Creative People First...

This Property being developed over looks a natural spring of water (Salado Springs in Apache Arizona) and is within 5 miles of an airport and a lake with perfect cell service... This is high quality property with a canal going through it and beautiful mountain landscapes all around.

The Picture below is from the center of the property looking east. The sun rises in the center of this picture an amazing clear morning event. Clean Pink Fairytale soil and view property A Movie Location

Own Property Near Lyman Lake Arizona

On Hwy 180/191 South of Saint Johns AZ