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An Easy Affordable Abundant Beautiful Life Is Something We Can Buy

3/29/2018 Im working at 24864 Malibu Rd. In California The Last Few Days of carpentry.... The home just rented for $100,000 per month. It has a nice view. I would like to buy a home in Malibu for Lets make some deals. A Victorian on The Water? Anyway... Things are moving too slow! The people need me!

2/25/2018 This week i'm working in Malibu California on Malibu Road high end finish carpentry exterior siding teak wood boards cost $500 each and we are installing them. The Job is a Pain in The Butt! I am the lead carpenter in charge. On the Beach side... I am searching for an investor soon! I should buy a fishing pole fish while working! There is a giant freezer on the job! The owners love fish!

I feel screwed by trying to do to much. To many codes to many emails to many pages in this web site. Plus construction screwed me also. I must delete pages for my own sanity. I lost my life trying to get ready. Too many tools. The over head is so high I never got paid. Never had a place to live... Plus I dont think anyone figured out this web site exists. The people dont have time. Etc. I always needed to be rescued also... I dont have time... I did it all for free... Videos etc on this site... SOS. CANT CONTINUE LIKE THIS!

9/25/2017 and RescueThePeople.Org Was Purchased By These New Domains say it just right. For people who need a life worth living. Last Edit... 12:55AM 03/29/2018

No Projects have been started or completed... Everything starts with planning...

A Project near Saint Johns Arizona will start first. The sooner the better. This year 2018...

Let the first Freedom Project begin... Robert Rowley CA Cell 310-740-0254