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An Easy Affordable Abundant Beautiful Life Is Something We Can Buy

12/11/2017 Working on the 18Th Floor Wilshire Blvd. CA. Construction Work... I hate working in construction in Los Angeles CA!... I want out to a smarter way of life I see clearly. The first Project is over 35 Acres between Saint Johns AZ. And Lyman Lake AZ. The Land I bought over 10 years ago has perfect cell service. Escape Big City Chaos with me to a creative place that will never get boring... An Entertainment based Project. Be in

9/25/2017 and RescueThePeople.Org Was Purchased By These New Domains say it just right. The Fire Department and City Police Departments Will Help Us Rescue The People. This will end many problems for people who need a life worth living. The Easy Abundant Life is Coming Soon... Something worth believing in leads us to a place worth living.

9/23/2017 In California working in Construction. Sooooo many things get in the way of the things I need to do to escape LA CA USA... Considering the first project again. I like a 10 Master Bedrooms Mansion. This would upgrade the property and make it easier for me to finance new projects. I know we can all live in luxury if we would fashion life different the abundant life is something we can choose. If 5000 people give me $10 per month I can find and buy them $5,000,000 worth of property... Several Square Miles of land. A TV Show? www.FreedomProject.TV 5000 people would then be able to build housing on land they own. A Luxury affordable housing project is the idea. A way to rescue the people. It needs to become easy to rescue the people.

Creative Work Space I consider top priority. Selling Creative work space is my favorite idea. Having access to work space able to be used 24 hours a day is called industrial.

It is my idea to create income property projects... Projects designed to include ways of making an income. Example: If you buy space you can rent some to pay for some to reduce or eliminate your mortgage payment. This is common with landlords...

Tiny Homes. I deleted the Tiny Homes Page by Accident it is coming back. A Business Opportunity. A fun creative affordable housing project... Limited... The first creative arts barn with private space for manufacturing or any creative art endeavor and shared space designed to help the people display market and sell their products.

I want to start building fancy architecture and a diversified collection of businesses. I would prefer to get started after I get paid by investors. Dealing with people with money first seems important. If you want to buy income property joint venture real estate contact me Robert Rowley 310-740-0254 Last Edit... 6:45AM 12/11/2017

No Projects have been started or completed... Everything starts with planning...

A Project near Saint Johns Arizona will start first. The sooner the better. This year 2018...

Let the first Freedom Project begin... Robert Rowley CA Cell 310-740-0254