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Also there is to much info here for me to edit... Im paying for it all. One man Robert Rowley.

The first project will be near Saint Johns Arizona... This Project has perfect cell service.

$75.000 Shop / Storage Space (20ft X 50ft) 1000 sq ft tall ceilings $65,000. $400 per month. Lease Option, Includes Bathroom With Shower. Door 10' Wide X 10' High.

10 Units on 2 acres (Land With Well + Fence = Cost $100,000) 10% Land Share = $10,000. Add The $65.000 Shop. Total $75,000

I plan to finish my project in the next 10 days.

My project will include. Piano Music and Guitar Music. Exotic Piano Videos and Pictures. Piano Education. Rewards...

Recreational Residential Creative Arts Space... Look at the price!

500 sq ft units. $40,000 or $225 per month.

It is obvious that if we buy usable space we can double our money easily on rent. Rent part own part.

Income Property is What We Need.... Last Edit... 07/21/2018  5:40PM

No Projects have been started or completed... Everything starts with planning...

A Project near Saint Johns Arizona will start first. The sooner the better. This year 2018...

Let the first Freedom Project begin... Robert Rowley CA Cell 310-740-0254