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Construction School News

While the first project gets built some students will be hired. Jobs Available for Jack Of All Trades! $35Hr - $45Hr.

Students Must Expect to be Filmed While Working Without Notice... Students must want to participate in field trips and after work group construction projects.

Creative People Create Products and Services that Can be Sold. With Talents We Can Create. Unless we have no place to work then even the best of us have trouble worry and stagnate.

Video Production and TV Show based on construction of New Custom Housing Projects.

This Construction School is wanting to hire people and recruit students to build high quality custom self sustaining homes. Homes and companies able to continue operating without the computer system.

TV Show to Build Mansions for Movie Stars and The General Public. Maybe the first place on earth that perfects

Teachers Opportunity... $35Hr - $45Hr Teachers Wanted for Foundation - Framing - Jack of All Trades - Handyman, High End Carpenters wanted to teach students. must consider managing 20+ students.

This company is not looking for experienced construction students but will consider all people willing to apply for this opportunity. If you have experience that is Ok. But keep in mind. I know what Big City Construction Chaos is. I also know how very experienced construction professionals get screwed.

I am Robert Rowley The Principle of the School. I have extreme construction and manufacturing skills. I have worked on many movie stars and music peoples homes... Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston... Bette Midler... Mark Wahlberg... Fleetwood Mac ,,, Some of my oldest friends are involved in movies and special effects... God really likes Brad and Mark as the spirit and the living word made some Big Impressions... 100+ Movie Stars was on The List... I don't have time to think about it. I built furniture for Bette Midler when I was 20 years Old. The Divine Miss M. I Worked as a Big City Handyman... Too Many years... General Contractor CA. B1=402517 (General Building Contractor)

To Qualify. Send Photo to email...

Agree to Terms and Conditions. This is Peaceful Entertainment Project... Nice Clean Quality Entertainment. And then God said if you want to control the environment pick people who Love Non Violent Quality Music. Unfortunately some really cute seemingly nice people pissed me off on job-sites. Construction sites. How? Heavy Metal Hate Based Music! I am always put in charge so i must think clearly. I could not tell what they was singing about! I got in trouble with management for complaining about phones blasting hateful sounding music and I am the man in charge on job sites with an idiot above me. The owner let the students listen to heavy metal... No Heavy Metal Unless it sounds nice! Is it possible? Yes it is...

If You Love Music and Need a Job with a Place to Play Music at Night.

Just Out Of High School Graduates Wanted. Faith in the Worlds Way is a Big Problem for Everyone... Teaching Kids A Better Way To Think Early Will Save Them Lots of Trouble. This School Teaches High Quality Community Designs / Designs That Guarantee Life Remains Easy and Beautiful While Communities Grow. There is a way that works to insure life is easy and safe without money worries, soon many will see how life can be easy and how to escape big city problems. Getting Far Away to A Self Sustaining Growing Community. Knowing How To Build Self Sustaining Communities... A Must have TV Show...

Accomplished Musicians Wanted... Own The Stage! This is a Unique Opportunity to Own Your Own Place Near The Ultimate Restaurant and Outdoor Concert Location... Must Qualify... A List of Bands is Coming... Providing Affordable Housing and Jobs for Musicians...

To enroll simple send us current photos of what you look like and write a short story on why you want to go to this school... Why we should pick you...