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Poverty Has A Cure... Affordable Housing With Job Opportunities

First Phase) I prefer to show one investor how to make a profit with me. 100% APR+ A relaxed rich person or small group. After smart happy rich people push me forward and I feel financially secure then I will do more for the homeless. For now I pay monthly for this land. I know how to make over 100% APR... One simple example and this is

At any time anyone can call me Robert Rowley 310-740-0254 and say I want to escape to the property and build me a place to live. The first project will provide for most people willing to work.

Second Phase} Affordable Housing Bedrooms Come with Job Opportunities. Bedrooms Starting at $100 Per Month for Employees Only! First Month Might Be Free / Rehab From Big City Chaos! Construction School 20 to 100 Employees Needed. Now!

If a boy can not afford a place for a girl it is hard for boys and girls to be in love. Affordable Housing is The Answer.

A New Community With Job Opportunities... Affordable Housing With Jobs Ends Money Problems... We The People Need To Know... Buying A Different Community Model With A Different Way Of Life Solves Most Problems... Saves Time... Saves Money... Just making things simple and easy to pay for and access like fresh water and cooked food in the most efficient way possible... Providing Business and Work Space Automatically Also Considered A Powerful Way To Create More Job Opportunities...

Affordable Housing... With Job Opportunities...

There was a time when girls did not need to work... They could do house chores instead. But here we eliminate most house chores and intend to provide free housing for girls by providing affordable housing for boys.

Every time a Boy pays $200 Per Month for a room a Girl could get a Bedroom for free. Invest In Affordable Housing... More Coming.

Affordable Housing... Building and Renting It... being very nice to the people and still make a profit building affordable housing...
Basic Affordable Housing: Affordable Housing without services, the normal thing people buy.
Affordable Housing : If I build affordable housing and sell portions of it to other owners and they mark it up... How Long Will It Take Before It Is Not Affordable? Issue/Affordable Housing... Some projects will be able to be sold for a profit some projects will restrict sales and mark ups of real estate to insure affordable housing stays affordable, where?

I can easily pay $500 per month for a mortgage payment based on my talents and skills. Gets 500 Sq Ft Residential. 1000 Sq Ft Barn/Work Shop. 10 of these? A large farm land creative arts barn... The frugal deal is too small for me so a larger project is planned.

No Money Down Affordable Housing. If you start paying $250 per month to buy real estate you can buy $50,000 in Real Estate. A Normal Down Payment would be $10,000 or 20% Down. But if you make payments with a small group of people you can work deals with no money down. I will create some of those deals. Maybe a 5 Acre Project?

There are several ways to make profits developing real estate

If you start making payments to buy real estate worth $50,000 with no money down the payment would be $250 per month. In 12 months if you sell what you buy for $100,000 you would make $50,000 after paying $3000. Netting $47,000.

If you buy 2 rooms at a resort and lease one you can get your mortgage paid free on the second room with an income. This is another type of affordable housing some people might not think about.

Construction Workers can not afford to buy real estate in Los Angeles