Changes Coming soon... I Gotta New Computer. is not a Government Owned Business Opportunity. Or Company... This Website is Privately Owned... The Reason I tell You This Is Because The People Almost Always Think God Is The Government. If you read and believe in true wisdom you will be set free from money worries and will know we have many opportunities when we have talents. Creative Talents are needed everywhere. The Information inside this web site Will Lead to Peace On Earth Somewhere Beautiful... Simple Wisdom Leads To The Abundant Life... Not For The Big City But For New Cities Built On Earth... New Communities can guarantee we escape most problems like traffic and unemployment. The Information inside this web site is based on The Easy To Prove Knowledge That Leads To The Abundant Life. The King Of Kings. The Lord Of Lords Wisdom. Jesus Christ is The Mentor behind the scenes. We are building a new type of city where life is easy and beautiful. Simple to understand information Sets Us Free. This is a Construction Company... Hundreds Of Job Opportunities Coming Soon... Register For Free... A Carpenter Is The Ruler... Of This Site. Expect To Feel The Force. If you understand and believe it will please God. Poverty is easy to overcome by building a community different. Salvation will come to those who live a self sustaining life in a self sustaining community where growth is carefully considered and poverty eliminated. All people can afford a place to live when real estate and business plans are caring based and smart. Smart is the best name to give it. Smart Caring Business Plans Save Us. The Lord came to Save Us From The Worlds Greedy Ways! Many Projects are planned, the first project planned is between Saint Johns and Lyman Lake Arizona. A Self Sustaining Land Area... With 3 Water Sources. Including. Crystal Clear Well Water. A Spring of Water, An irrigation canal with lake water. This able to be self sustaining area has Cows, Fishing, Farming.  .Will document the transition from idiot hard life greedy economics to smart caring easy abundant life economics. Put Simple The Worlds Way is Evil... And The Way Out Is Legal and Simple. Nothing is In Our Way. We The People will always have The Power to escape most problems when we use true wisdom. Example. If we spend $1 per month alone all we get is  some gum to chew on. But if 5000 people spend $1 per month together they get one million dollars in real estate. That pays for way more land than needed for 5000 people in a beautiful area in the mountains with giant junipers like in a fairytale. Be in a Big Movie. Live at a Movie Production Location. A Concert and Music Creation Location. Affordable Housing For Musicians Kids Single People. Retire Here. Start Out In Life Here... No Place On Earth But Here! Movie Stars have connections with this site. We plan on getting the word out in a professional way. Over 100 Movie Stars were invited to join in and help some of them are still waiting for the Ultimate Loving Moment To Begin. We Plan The Ultimate Romantic TV Shows. My Oldest Friends are Involved with Big Time Movie and TV People. This is the ultimate opportunity unfolding. Brad Pitt. and Mark Wahlberg. I have worked on their homes and experienced God like Miracles with both   The Love Of Money is The Root of All Evil. This is good news to be able to pin point the source of all evil............ Because simple smart business plans can save all people from most of the evil problems we are plagued by. Smart Community Planning gives the people their time back with everything they could ever want  leading to The Abundant Life. Greed Killed The American Dream! Its Over Forever! Traffic wont go away! Poverty and ! Ugly Dirty Streets and Buildings! Escape it all forever! Here At We offer job opportunities and affordable housing with no qualifying and no down payment opportunities to buy real estate designed to pay for itself. Here we will have the ultimate business and housing opportunities. Available nowhere else. Unfortunately computer failure will starve most people in most cities to death some day so i don't believe in City Based Freedom Projects. We might work with places like Midnight Mission in LA. The Path. Homeless Shelters Etc. Economic Power Sample 24 Hour Fitness Charges me $40 per month I get to use over one Billion dollars in Real Estate. They only give us showers and equipment to use. But the point is we already have businesses that represent the power of buying when large numbers of people use something. This is the foundation for solving all of the peoples problems... Thank You For Understanding. This is Robert Rowley. Working for Free For The People Until... Mark Wahlberg would have saved me 4 years ago what got in the way? Maybe the movie will show. Smart Thoughts Save Us All! From All Evil! Get Busy Get Ready. Lets Do This For Fun and Prosperity. God wants Us To Celebrate Knowing The Way and The Truth That Leads To The Abundant Life! Like In A Fairytale.  Girls have way less job opportunities than men and are supposed to be there for us men for inspiration and Love first. Here girls get free rent. For every man we hire a girl gets a $20,000 mini home or bedroom. So girls get busy and brag about how nice we are, The first entertainment based community we build will have special housing for movie stars. Many types of real estate will be built to provide for the many life styles we might want to choose. 

Freedom Projects / Lyman Lake Arizona

10 Miles South of Saint Johns City Arizona

Saint Johns Arizona Small Town 5000+ People

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Construction School News / 100 Construction Workers Needed

Escape Poverty Smart Business Plans Guarantee Financial Freedom

Free Housing For Girls

No More Money Problems = Worries

Starts With Smart Community Designs...

Escape Big City Money Problems And Traffic

High Quality Housing With Jobs Nearby

Construction School is Project #1

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