Freedom Projects / Lyman Lake Arizona

10 Miles South of Saint Johns City Arizona

Saint Johns Arizona Small Town 5000+ People

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No More Money Problems = Worries

Starts With Smart Community Designs...

Escape Big City Money Problems And Traffic

High Quality Housing With Jobs Nearby

Construction School is Project #1

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Freedom Projects is a Privately Owned Construction Company

Self Sustaining Communities / Automatic Financial Freedom

Easy Financial Freedom and The Abundant Life. If we spend $1 per month alone we get chewing gum or a candy bar. If 5000 people spend $1 per month together they can buy $1,000,000 In Real Estate. I could buy 4 square miles of land. This is way more land than needed for 5000 people. This is a huge value difference. Together we get the abundant life alone we get nothing. The difference is the business plan. So if 5000 people pay $50 per month together they get 4 square miles of land with $50,000,000 in upgrades and real estate. They could get everything they need including services and land prepared, ready to build homes. 

Financial Freedom can be Guaranteed... Today no city guarantees financial freedom and no company except this one I call Freedom Projects. 

Income Property For Sale. Residential Income Property

Easy Financial Freedom. A simple to understand business plan leads large groups of people into the easy abundant life. The Easy Life In Beauty Land. Pink Fairytale Soil in a Self Sustaining Community. 

Architecture is Important. For Style for Convenience and Efficiency. The way something is built is what makes life difficult or easy.  The Worlds Way makes life difficult 

Self Sustaining. Today if the computer system fails commerce fails and the people will die of starvation. The End of The World. The answer is Self Sustaining Communities. Today most cities on earth will never become self sustaining. Most people will die when the system fails of starvation. The owner of Freedom Projects believes in building self sustaining communities and companies.