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Affordable Smart Housing With Jobs For Single People Poor People and FamiliesSo far Freedom Projects is only developing one land area, Between Lyman Lake and Saint Johns Arizona and getting things started is very important. Anyone willing to work can buy there Own Place Where Poverty Does Not Exist. Ordinary People Can Move Into Mansions. Girls Boys and Other People... If you can prove your able and willing to work you don't need credit to buy a place to live... See More Under Education... Cash Flows Convince Lenders and Investors Everything Is OK!

The Ultimate Rescue and Peace Plan Starts By Building Smarter Communities... Easy To Understand Information Inside This Web Site, Proves How Life Can Be Affordable. Anyone Even Kids Can Easily Understand By Reading Smart Simple Stories and Studying Simple Math Calculations. Communities can be built so that life is easy... www.TheEasyLifeBook.com

Story #1. Being out for our own gain easily leads to failure for most people. If one person spends $1 per month to improve their life style they get some gum to chew on for a couple of days. But if 5000 people pay $1 per month that is $5000 per month to improve their life style they can buy $1,000,000 in real estate...

Land For Sale $1 per month? That could give a lot of people Hope and Comfort. Land $1 per month! If I spend $100 per month on real estate alone I get almost nothing. If 5000 people spend $100 per month together they can buy $100,000,000 One Hundred Million Dollars in Real Estate. This Simple Wisdom / Truth Is The Foundation For Leading The People To The Abundant Life... So if 5000 people pay $1 per month that is $5000 per month and That pays for $1,000,000 in property. So for only $1. Thousands of people could buy property... www.RescueThePeople.com A Video is Coming... Getting Things Started HMMM?

www.FreedomProject.TV Pay to watch TV. $25 Per Month. Or $50 Per Month... Options... We find and build a thriving community for the people who pay to watch. A thriving community is the solution to poverty. Building a New type of Community and letting people move their is the plan. Now if you go to Los Angeles you need to find a job it could be devastating and you could end up homeless. Here at Freedom Projects we build jobs in. We automatically provide work space and tools for people wanting to start business's... Continued...

A Growing Community is a Thriving Community. Everything essential to our survival should be easy and affordable to access. Including Easy Access to Job Opportunities with cooking services is Possible. Jobs. Construction Cooking Farming Music Tours... Etc.

Building New Communities With Jobs Built In Provides More Jobs than needed ending unemployment. More jobs become available automatically by picking development of housing as the way to save the people from homeless and unemployment problems. Way more than 100 construction workers and helpers would be needed to get started on a 100 unit project. 

Story 1) Being out for our own gain leads to failure. How to escape it. Financial Freedom 123.

Story 2) No city or community provides work space for creative people to start businesses. We Do Automatically...

The Property Freedom Projects is Developing
Is Near Lyman Lake Arizona

A Very Usable Lake In Central Eastern Arizona

10 Miles South of Saint Johns City Arizona

Saint Johns Arizona Video Produced By Robert Rowley
A Small Town in Central Eastern Arizona 5000+ People

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Great Cell Service on This Property

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Construction School News Arizona School Lyman Lake

No More Money Problems = Worries

Starts With Smart Community Designs...

Escape Big City Money Problems And Traffic

High Quality Housing With Jobs Nearby

Construction School is Project #1