Easy Financial Freedom / The Abundant Life

Affordable Smart Housing With Jobs For Single People Poor People and Families. So far Freedom Projects is only developing one land area, Between Lyman Lake and Saint Johns City in Arizona and getting things started is very important. Anyone willing to work can buy there Own Place Where Poverty Does Not Exist. Ordinary People Can Move Into Mansions. Girls Boys and Other People... If you can prove your able and willing to work you don't need credit to buy a place to live... See More Under Education... Cash Flows Convince Lenders and Investors Everything Is OK!

The Ultimate Rescue and Peace Plan Starts By Building Smarter Communities... Easy To Understand Information Inside This Web Site, Proves How Life Can Be Affordable. Anyone Even Kids Can Easily Understand By Reading Smart Simple Stories and Studying Simple Math Calculations. Communities can be built so that life is easy... www.TheEasyLifeBook.com

Story #1. Being out for our own gain easily leads to failure for most people. If one person spends $1 per month to improve their life style they get some gum to chew on for a couple of days. But if 5000 people pay $1 per month together that is $5000 per month to improve their life style this way they can buy $1,000,000 in real estate... Most Cities have almost nothing for the people to use to insure they can easily access what they need to provide

A Growing Community is a Thriving Community. Everything essential to our survival should be easy and affordable to access. Including Easy Access to Job Opportunities with cooking services is Possible. Jobs. Construction Cooking Farming Music Tours... Etc.

Building New Communities With Jobs Built In Provides More Jobs than needed ending unemployment. More jobs become available automatically by picking development of housing as the way to save the people from homeless and unemployment problems. Way more than 100 construction workers and helpers would be needed to get started on a 100 unit project.

Story 1) Being out for our own gain leads to failure. How to escape it. Financial Freedom One Two Three.

Story 2) No city or community provides work space for creative people to start businesses. Here at Freedom Projects We will Automatically Provide Work Space and Jobs at all of the projects we build...

Trust. Trusting a Plan. Affordable Business Plans can Lead to easy financial freedom

Freedom Projects / Lyman Lake Arizona

10 Miles South of Saint Johns City Arizona

Saint Johns Arizona Small Town 5000+ People

36 Acres Between Lyman Lake and Saint Johns

Great Cell Service on This Property

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Under Construction ... Expect Changes! California Robert 310-740-0254

Construction School News Arizona School Lyman Lake

The Ultimate Business Opportunity and Way To Escape LA.

No More Money Problems = Worries

Starts With Smart Community Designs...

Escape Big City Money Problems And Traffic

High Quality Housing With Jobs Nearby

Construction School is Project #1

This website is dedicated to providing another way of living that solves most problems and makes life easy and beautiful for everyone who moves to the location where another way of life exists... The way of living that provides for the people best use high volume essential service systems providing for large numbers of people... A Pizza Oven Cooks 100 Pizzas Per Hour... Efficient Essential Service Systems Save Time and Money... Easy Financial Freedom is Easy To Understand... Simple Math Shows Us The Truth. Alone we have no power. Together we can be powerful and free from worry. We can easily afford to buy everything we need. The Main Ingredient is The Proper Development Plan and Land Suitable for Building a place for large numbers of people to live...

The Worlds Way (Economic System) Is A Nightmare For Most People On Earth... Traffic is Just One Big Problem... Hard to find jobs is another problem. The high cost of living the biggest problem of all.  The Way Out is The Proper Plan. Away From the Big City. Like A Vacation in Wonderland... A different type of community can be built that eliminates money worries for all the people who live in the community... If we Believe in God We The People Get Everything... This is Gods Will. That We Get Everything We Want. The Abundant Life.

What is Smart? Smart is knowing how to lead thousands of people into a creative abundant life where everyone has enough of what they need without worry. A King must have knowledge of how to organize people. God is a smart man thinking and calculating our success.

True Wisdom Gives Us Everything Until Then Love Is Lost. The people can not feel love if they are worried driving in traffic first thing in the morning. A smarter way to live where we don't need to work 160 hours per month is coming... The worlds way wastes our time and money. Smarter Community Planning gives us our time back while making life very easy and affordable.