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The Easy Life / Easy Financial Freedom / Affordable Income Housing


Custom Creative Arts Residential
$500 Down $250 Per Month

Creative Arts Residential Work Shop Home
  • 400 sq ft creative arts work shop space $35,000
with private bathroom and shower.


Multi Use Recreational Creative Arts Land Lots

$100 Down $125 Per Month.

Only 10 Lots Available

  • Fenced Multi Use Recreational Land near Lyman Lake. Next to PontiacHeaven.org in Salado Arizona.
  • Included Onsite 12X25 Custom Built Tiny Home with Sitting Area, Fire Place... Kitchen... Laundry... A Shared Amenity... Self Sustaining Well...
  • Tiny Home/Shop Lots. Fenced Lots 30X50=1500 sq ft. 24 Hour Access Storage...
  • Water Electric Septic Included... Electric 500 Watts Included... Power Grid + Solar Panels... Water Tank and Well.


  • Land Use Description: OK for... Cabin OK... Tiny 300 Sq Ft Home OK... Trailer... 12X25 Tuff Shed. RV or Boat Storage No Size Limit. Construction Equipment... Hobby Shop... RV Parking - Horse Boarding - Wood Shop - Auto Shop - Band Practice - Gardening - Manufacturing - Motor Home - Live In Your Car Etc...
  • Onsite Structures: OK to put a Recreational or Storage Type Structure up to 300 Sq Ft. 300 Sq Ft Maximum Structure Size.
  • Land Description Cost Break Down:




Affordable Resort Quality Income Property

Resort Quality Land For Sale in Salado Arizona With Amenities and Services

Hot Showers Clean Bathrooms Camp for a year for $45 on the water. The Lake is full of catfish!

This video below has music from the local radio station in it so it is not allowed by youtube.com

This video will be replaced asap and Lyman Lake has a huge shallow water swimming area...

The Frugal Freedom Deal 1 Is For Sale

Own Space Near Lyman Lake

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